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Mar. 14th, 2006 @ 11:39 am Books For Sale!
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Hi there every one, I just did a big clean out of my book shelf and have a whole stack of books for sale, with nothing over $10! I know all these books helped me out as a teen and I certainly know how expensive they can all be to buy, so I'm selling them for as cheap as I can. All books are in fantastic condition and prices are listed in Aussie dollars (postage extra)....

Earth Power - Scott Cunningham $10
Earth, Air, Fire and Water - Scott Cunningham $10
Inside A Witches Coven - Edain McCoy $10
Dancing With Dragons - D.J. Conway $10
The Wicca Garden - Gerina Dunwich $10
Witch: A Magickal Year - Fiona Horne $10
Wicca, A Guide For The Solitary Practitioner - Scott Cunningham $10
Witch: A Personal Journey - Fiona Horne $10
Teen Witch - Silver Raven Wolf $10

The Real Witches Coven - Kate West $10
The Healing Garden (second edition) - Michael Bailes $10
A Complete Guide To Faries And Magical Beings - Cassandra Eason $10
The Book Of Goddesses - Roni Jay $10
The Faerie's Oracle (boxed book and card set) - Brian Froud $10
The Pagan Book Of Halloween - Gerina Dunwich $10
Every Day Magic - Cassandra Carter $10
Moon Magick - D.J Conway $10 (hardcover, but in very 'pre-loved' condition)
Love Potions And Charms - Francis Melville $10
Spellbound Book Of Love - Helen Glisic $10
Blue Feather's Herbal- Randal White $10
Celtic Magic - D.J. Conway $10
The Tarot Spellcaster - Terry Donaldson $10
Every Day Rituals And Ceremonies - Lorna St Aubyn $10
The Woman's Book Of Runes - Susan Gray $10
Encyclopedia Of White Magic - Paddy Slade $10
Herbal Remedies - Christopher Hedley and Non Shaw $5
The Faeryland Companion - Beatrice Phillpotts $5
Mushrooms And Toadstools: An Illustrated Guide $5
How To Turn Your Ex-Boyfriend Into A Toad - Deborah Grey and Athena Starwoman $5
The Faerie Kingdom - Celia Haddon $5
The Woman's Book Of Dreams - Connie Cockrell Kaplan $5
The Complete Prophecies Of Nostradamus $5
Gods And Goddesses Of Classical Mythology - Samuel Willard Crompton $3
The Origins Of Pagan And Christian Beliefs - Edward Carpenter $3
Witches And Warlocks - Philip W. Sergeant $3
The Astrology Book - Julia Bondi $3
The Mini Book Of Magic Spells - Deborah Gray $3
Understanding Aromatherapy - John Kerr $3
Traditional Herbal Remedies - Jenny Plucknett $3

Free: A black, hardcover notebook with a silver pentagram and "Book Of Shadows" printed on the front. The pages are white and unlined. Also a brass chalice, bell, and cauldron-ish vessel, and a collection of gems and crystals. You just need to cover the cost of postage for this stuff.

For more information on any thing please just email me at cherryvanilla at livejournal.com and I'll get back to you asap.
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Date:June 20th, 2006 03:28 am (UTC)
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I just realized I can't ask my dad for the money to buy them. :( And I'm asking my mom about it, and she's like "Do you know what these books are?" I even asked if I could ask my dad for the moeny for my birthday in August, and she said, "No, you'll be wanting something else." I don't think she really likes me being Pagan.

Sorry about all of this and the e-mail. Sorry.