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Pagan Teen

where pagan youths come together

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This is a community specifically for Pagan teenagers. It doesn't matter what path you are, druid to wiccan, shaman to eclectic, it doesn't make a difference. Whether you've been practicing for ten years, or you're really curious in the subject, you are welcome! Questions, suggestions, spells, prayers, comments, concerns, requests, are all free to be discussed. Pre-teen to early twenty year olds are also welcome. Please don't bother joining if you are over 30, there are plenty of other communities for other ages. I want this to be youth-geared: made for teenagers, and run by a teenager.

I ask that you please regard the following:
1. If anything, be respectful to other's beliefs! NO bashing; if this occurs, the member will be unable to post in this community.
2. Try to LJ-cut very, very lengthy posts.
3. Please make an attempt to post on-topic subjects. Anything that is just ridiculous will be removed.
4. Keep an open mind!

When first joining, please tell us a little about yourself, like your name (spiritual or regular, doesn't matter), your age, your path (if any other than just pagan), and anything else you'd like us to know. Thanks!

Note: this community is run by luna1288. Any questions or concerns regarding this LJ community can be sent to her. Thanks!