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Jan. 1st, 2002 @ 09:49 am Hi
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Hi, I'm Becca. (Thalia Cross is the name I use when referring to what I call my alter ego, or the part of me reflecting all of the big changes I seem to be going through lately.) I was raised Christian, and despite going to church regularly throughout my young life, it never seemed to click with me. I had a brief introduction to Paganism through a family friend, but then I got away from it. Then, two years ago, I met a good friend of mine, who re-intoduced me to it. (Is re-introduced even a word?) Ever since then, my interest has been growing, and I believe Paganism is the path for me.
My parents know of my interest in/pending conversion to Paganism. My stepmother doesn't know, however.
I've also been looking for advice and my people to help guide me a bit, because I have nowhere to start.
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